12 Kasım 2015 Perşembe

Open Source Conference in Turkey

        Open Source Conference was organized this year for the first time in Ankara - capital of Turkey -. Conference is going to take 5 days, it's started 9th november and it's going to end 13th november. The conference aims to bring together key people in the public sector, to announce works on open source and free software like Pardus, enGerek, Lider Ahenk and to raise awareness. The Conference is local and unfortunately it hasn't any English websites. I hope they will add soon.

        The first day of the conference i've given a talk about LibreOffice. LibreOffice is one of the most important points for Turkey. LibreOffice is an important step for spreading of free softwares. Because this office suit can run on GNU/Linux, MacOs, and Windows. LibreOffice will take an important role in the migration to free operating systems.

        There was no active work on LibreOffice in Turkey until recently. Now there is a team in my University who works for LibreOffice. We are studying to learn LibreOffice, fixing the bugs and spreading our work and LibreOffice by blog posts and other social media tools. Thanks to Necdet Yücel for advising us in this process and thanks to helpfull LibreOffice development team. 

        You can access my presentation from here. My presentation includes following parts:
  • Libreoffice history
        I've told StarOffice, OpenOffice, Oracles's mistakes, why LibreOffice forked from OpenOffice and The Document Foundation.
  • Why we should use LibreOffice in public?
        In this part i've told principles of free software and why are they important for us.
        LibreOffice Turkish translation rate is 100% and this is the most important necessity if we want to spread LibreOffice in Turkey. (Thanks to Turkish translation team)
        No licence fee. I tried to explain this part very carefully. Because nothing should take precedence over LibreOffice is a free software. LibreOffice needs money to continue too.
        LibreOffice is improved enough to cover the needs and changable according to neccessaries. 
  •  How to support LibreOffice. How to continue LibreOffice project?
        I've told that LibreOffice needs code contributions, translation, documentation and donation -for domains, servers, developers, events etc- 
  • Which countries migrated to LibreOffice?
        I've told the countries using LibreOffice direct or indirect, reasons of unsuccesful and successful migrations.
  • What are we doing for LibreOffice in Turkey
        I've told our (LibreOffice team in University) works . We are 10 people. I explained what should be done to increase this number.

We are planning to participate next years conference as libreoffice developers.

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