30 Mart 2016 Çarşamba

Free Software and Linux Days 2016 - İstanbul, Turkey

Free Software and Linux days is a local event that brings together the community of free software in Turkey. One can find a lot of people and (unfortunately) a few company supporting free softwares. I participate this event since 2013 and i love to be there every time.
We have applied for a working group meeting on "LibreOffice Development and Extensification Works in Turkey" and our application was accepted. I think people need encourage to start  contributing major project like LibreOffice. We were there to show that someones working on LibreOffice in Turkey. We talk about our contribution stories. At the end of the session we talked with attendees why people don't contribute the LibreOffice in our country. Our meeting was attended by about 30 people. The results are following: 

  • Free softwares are not promoted enough.
  • No time to contributing the free softwares (workers in other jobs)
  • Do not dare (students)
  • Don't know how to start
Our time was not enough for what we want to talk at all. I think people who never contribute the major free sofwares, don't know how nice feeling to be in LibreOffice community. I know that we need organize more workshop for people to experience this feeling.
The contributing LibreOffice is a war of libertation. We have to spare time to win our freedom.
You can find our presentation here.

And some photos from meeting: